VIAROOM Secure alarm service is here!

VIAROOM Secure is the first hybrid alarm service. It is designed to bridge the gap between two worlds which were, until now, not communicating, and living in separate silos: professional alarm systems on one side and smart home systems on the other side.

While both systems provide individually significant value added and benefits to their users: security and insurance brought by professional alarm systems and comfort and energy savings delivered by smart home systems, they also tend to add significant frustration through redundant investments, separate installations and multiple applications.

VIAROOM Secure has been created to help you increase your security while leveraging your existing investments in smart home and security solutions.


Simple to use

Using your MyViaroom app you can check at any moment if your home is safe or if you forgot to close the front door. Moreover, you can remotely control your garage door from your MyViaroom app / Control center screen and close it in case you’ve left it open.

It’s a great example of convergence: security and remote control centralized, with one simple app.


Security and comfort

VIAROOM Secure is about seamless integration between your smart home and your alarm system.

Simply add your shades to one of your alarm zones: they’ll automatically be lowered when you’re leaving your home and set the alarm. Likewise, they’ll automatically open when you’re back home and disarm the alarm.

You can also add your heating, appliances, automatic garage doors, … so they can be controlled simultaneously with your alarm system.

With VIAROOM Secure, your smart home and alarm system will always be in sync !


Create as many zones as you need

You’re no longer limited to just one or two alarm zones! You can now freely create as many zones as you truly need!

For example, you can create a garden zone, a garage zone as well as a room zone which can be independently monitored and managed.

Indoor and outdoor

Do you have Pyronix(tm), Optex(tm) or equivalent professional outdoor sensors?
You can simply connect them to your smart home hub by using a Fibaro(tm) implant or equivalent.
We’ll take it from there and secure your garden night and day.


Customize your alarm

VIAROOM Secure offers a wide range of intrusion notification options. For example, you can add in each zone individually its notification modules: lights and floodlights, siren, emails.
Silent notifications are quite efficient in dissuading intruders. Simply add floodlights to your alarm zone and they’ll be triggered for few minutes if someone tries to enter your garden night or day.
Add some indoor lights to your alarm zone and they’ll inform you smoothly if an intruder tries to open a door or a window. Sirens are supported in parallel with all silent notifications, individually for each alarm zone.


Truly multi-hub

VIAROOM has been designed from day one as a true multi-hub solution: we’re here to help you enjoy your smart home, independently from the equipments you’ve acquired over time.
We’re currently supporting more than 300 devices and the list is growing each day.
You’re wondering what does really mean multi-hub for VIAROOM Secure ? It means for example you can have Philips hue motion detectors indoor, Optex(tm) detectors outdoor, your siren is Aeotec(tm) and your floodlights are controlled via Fibaro relay modules!
VIAROOM is here to make complexity fade away and help you leverage your current investments!


Live camera support

You can always keep an eye on your home when you’re away thanks to the secure camera live feeds.



The following equipments are currently supported. The list is quickly growing!

Sensors: all motion/presence, door & window sensors compatible with Fibaro HC2; Optex, Pyronix  and equivalent (through Fibaro smart implant),

Hue (Q2 2019), Vera (Q2 2019), Samsung Smartthings (Q2 2019), Osram Lightify (Q2 2019).

Lights: Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, equipments compatible with: Fibaro HC2 / eedomus / Jeedom / Zipato

Floodlights: Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, equipments compatible with: Fibaro HC2 / eedomus / Jeedom / Zipato

Sirens: equipments compatible with: Fibaro HC2 / eedomus / Jeedom / Zipato



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