Connected devices

It’s April, but not April Fool’s Day !

We have already great news for you:

eedomus+ support (April 10th)
Philips Hue support (April 10th)
Osram Lightify will be back (new API 🙁 ) (April end)

Please refer to the following list for devices compatible with Viaroom Home. Stay tuned as we update the list on a regular basis.

Connected devices Manufacturer Model Type Notes
Smart Hubs
Fibaro Home Center 2
Vera Vera Edge
Vera  Vera Secure
Osram Lightify Bulbs and Plugs
Philips Hue Q1
Jeedom Q1/Q2
Voice Assistants
Amazon Echo
Google Home
Lights control
Fibaro FGS-222 2 relays
Fibaro FGS-223 2 relays
Fibaro FGS-212 1 relay
Fibaro FGS-213 1 relay
Fibaro FGD-212 dimmer dimming Q2
Aeotec ZW078 1 relay
Qubino ZMNHBD1 2 relays
Qubino ZMNHAD1 1 relay
Qubino ZMNHND1 1 relay
Qubino ZMNHDD1 dimmer dimming Q2
Generic Generic 1 relay
Roller Shutter
Qubino ZMNHCD1 shutter Q1
Qubino ZMNHOD1 shutter 12v Q1
Fibaro FGR-222 shutter Q1
Fibaro FGWPE-102-ZW5
Aeotec ZW078 heavy duty
Aeotec ZW075
Aeotec ZW096
Generic Generic plug
Danfoss LC13 Q2
Horstmann SECURE SRT321 Q2
Horstmann SECURE SSR303 Q2
Door locks
Yale YRD 210 Q2
Web cameras
Foscam R2 Q2/3